Sajawal Zardari

Sajawal Ali Khan Zardari, is he the cause of Bilawal’s repulsion?

Sajawal, a 2-year old son of Asif and Tanveer Zardari, named after the father of Haji Mohammad Hussain Zardari who was the grandfather of Hakim Ali Khan Zardari; is this little step brother Zardari Jr., a real cause of Bilawal’s repulsion and inclination back towards Bhuttos?

In 2011, it was announced that Bilawal would be the next Tumandar (Chief) of the Baloch Zardari tribe as his father Asif Ali Zardari passed on the title to Bilawal rather than becoming the Tribal Chief himself after the death of his father Hakim Ali Zardari.( But with the recent repulsions and behaviour of Bilawal and his obvious inclination towards Ghanwa, Sanam and cousins Fatima and Zulfiqaar Jr., Zardari clan advised Asif Zardari to become the “Rais”of the tribe himself and not to pass it on to Bilawal. This obviously will make Sajawal, the second son; the next Sardar or Rais of the tribe. Despite restrictions and keeping media away, reports are circulating about the brief appearance of Dr. Tanveer Zamani and Sajawal in a small female family gathering during dastar bandi in Nawabshah. Unfortunately, both mother and son have their security challenged mainly from the Ghanwa Bhutto family, since killing them will be the best revenge from Asif Zardari, without harming their own blood Bilawal. It is clear that Asif Zardari ‘s stay in Pakistan is always very short and event based only. He rather spends time with Tanveer & Sajawal in the US, Dubai or London.

In January 2011, Asif Zardari , President of Pakistan at that time, got married to Dr. Tanveer Zamani according to Muslim Shiyat bylaws in Dubai. The wedding was not celebrated because, it was soon after the murder of his friend Gov. Salman Taseer. The Nikah was organized initially by Amna Taseer to occur in Lahore at their residence. Later after her husband’s murder, in honor of Begum Amna Taseer, it was decided that the ceremony and the announcement would be held up until Chaleeswan (40 days) mourning of Salman Taseer murder. But the news were leaked from Dubai and went viral , with adversely negative response from the PPP jiyalas, family, friends, media, political opponents, Bibi fans and Zardari’s own children. Thereafter, the couple decided to negate the news with no comments and in order to suppress the media hype, President Zardari threatened a lawsuit of 100 billion dollars to Jang group. With this hype or news, Hakim Ali Zardari got stroke and died after continued 3- month long illness, in May 2011. President Zardari and Tanveer Zamani decided to play low and she pulled off herself from ordinary exposures and participation in political activities in the US. The couple realized that they would not only loose Bhutto vote bank by announcing the wedding, but also Bhutto dynasty and fans would retaliate, so they never admitted to marriage nor appeared in public together.

It is admirable, how political minded, business genius Zardari, smelled the future and inclination of Bilawal towards Bhuttos back in mid 2011, and initiated his own Zardari lineage by briskly marrying a US citizen, a surgeon, a business elite, an owner of real estates in NY, an old family friend of Riaz Malik, and above all Zardari loyalist, a known PPP overseas activist and a sincere friend that he met in NY, only a few months before the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The friend who changed his life style and brought the luck that pull him out of the dark shadows of the past; from the prison to the Presidency.

Media and PPP jiyalas kept saying, why would Zardari needed to marry when he could have any woman, any time, any where in the world? Now, they will understand, why?

Very categorically, first, for the last three years, keeping his mouth shut about his wedding or without breaking the hearts of many Bhutto Bibi followers; Zardari transferred all his assets successfully to the US through his wife in the form of gifts without even paying any transfer taxes, and without distributing his property among Bhuttos (kids) or Talpurs (sister). Secondly, now he has established his pure Zardari lineage Sajawal Ali khan Zardari with Tanveer Zamani without any shadows of Bhutto family.

At this point, despite some disappointment from his own blood Bilawal, Zardari has to play his cards intelligently. He can always use his wife card as an ever hanging threat to Bilawal, Ghanwa, Fatima, Sanam and Naheed Khan.
He clearly measured Zamani’s potential of jiyala type passion for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, oratory captivity and skills, higher education and new face, non lordocrat type entry that he could make rock into Pakistani politics if needed. He certainly planned it out before marrying her in 2011, as to when and how to play this card.

As a known lucky, genius businessman and a survivor of all times alive, lets stay around to witness, how he plays these new cards.